We do our best to use the most honest ingredients from around here. We buy local when it makes sense, which is often. We try to buy from our friends. We make all the cool stuff in house, but we’re also proud to serve the best of what we don’t make, like Stone Circle bread and Drakes crispy fry mix.


Thank you for being here.

Food on the weekends


grilled house english muffin with strawberry jam                        $5

grits with candied bacon, peaches, blueberry coulis, and white cheddar  $6

breakfast poutine with sausage gravy and white cheddar                  $6

vegan poutine with wheatland gravy and vegan cheddar (v)                $6

yeti fries with lemon aioli, fried brussels, bacon bits, and asiago     $7

vegan biscuit and gravy (v)                                             $4

buttermilk biscuit and gravy                                            $4


really good fu@%ing pancakes with butter syrup and charred lemon butter  $12


nashville hot chicken grits with pickled blueberries and

     creamed collards on white cheddar geechie boy grits (sp)               

     (add a farm fresh egg for $1)                                       $13


BLT hash with pork belly, tomato, arugula, yukon golds, garlic aioli,

     smoked cream tomato béchamel, egg, salt & vinegar frites

     served with toast                                                   $13


ratatouille frittata with zucchini, roasted peppers, shiitakes, leeks,

     basil chèvre, tomato confit, asiago, and microgreens 

     served with home fries and toast                                    $12


challah french toast with smoked cream sauce, grilled peaches,

     oat crumble, and butterscotch                                       $12


buddha berry waffle with blueberry coulis, fresh blueberries,

     house sweet ricotta, oat crumble, and pearl sugar                   $12


vegan chicken & waffles with pickled peach Sriracha butter,

     bourbon maple syrup, house vegan chicken, and vegan waffle (v)      $12


eggs, potatoes, & toast with your choice of bacon or sausage

     (make it vegan with scrambled tofu & heirloom tomatoes)             $10


fluegeler sandwich with chargrilled portobello mushroom,

     vegan olive sauce, greens, heirloom tomatoes,

     and sliced red onion on Stone Circle roll (v)                       $15


elote with queso fresco and avocado (gf)                    cup $3 / bowl $5

lil squirrels

grilled cheese and fries            $5

lil’ pancake with slice of bacon    $5

scrambled eggs and home fries       $5

french toast with slice of bacon    $5

fried chicken and fries             $7

vegan chicken and fries (v)         $7

fruit cup (v)(gf)                   $4


mole sausage (sp)                   $4

candied bacon                       $4

heirloom tomatoes (v)               $5

dill and sea salt fries (v)         $4

home fries (v)                      $4

cheesy grits                        $3

vegan biscuit (v)                   $3

buttermilk biscuit                  $3

buttermilk or vegan waffle          $7

one pancake                         $5

two eggs. cooked to order           $3

toast                               $2

 v = vegan

gf = gluten-free

sp = spicy

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